A Brief Guide to Study Abroad in Indonesia

Studying overseas is a unique approach to discover your own self along with enhancing your personal, professional, and academic growth. It brings a range of benefits the fruits of which can be tested long after the completion of your study. It enriches one’s experience through exposure to a wide range of different things.

Who Should Study Abroad in Indonesia?

Students should study abroad for their own benefits. One of the nicest places to study abroad is Indonesia as it gives foreign students access to one of the most interesting areas of the world. Students who want to enrich themselves with exposure to a completely different environment, diverse range of students, different teaching approaches, and inspiring arts and culture, should definitely choose Indonesia for study.

Moreover, Indonesian Government offers scholarship to foreign students from developing countries. So, students from developing countries can seriously consider this opportunity to receive quality education at low costs from top-class universities of a country like Indonesia.

However, if you are not a scholarship holder, keep in mind that a separate fee category is usually applied to international students. Fees also vary depending on the facilities, logistic supports, range of courses, and reputation of institutions. Some universities charge average fees from foreign students. So, before selecting any university, students should inquiry about the facilities and fees of the institution.

Indonesian Government also keeps open the chances for academic exchanges. Students, whose country involves in such mutual exchanges with Indonesia, can select Indonesia as their target country.

Generally, these mutual exchanges take place at the institution level of two countries. So, foreign students can check if their respective institution is linked with any Indonesian universities for academic exchanges.

What Foreign Students should Do while going to Indonesia for Studying?: Foreign students who choose to study in Indonesia must take care of some things before exploring their educational journey. They should:

i. Collect a letter of acceptance issued by the university they choose before going to Indonesia.

ii. Present the letter to the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate located in their respective countries.

iii. Contact the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia to get the accreditation for their educational certificates after their arrival in Indonesia.

iii. Take a Bahasa Indonesia language course as classroom interactions are conducted in Indonesian language for most of the time.

iv. Apply a conversion of their Visas from temporary visit to temporary stay before their limit in staying Indonesia gets expired. These visa-related processes can be done in the Immigration office.

It can be hoped that following these ways will help a foreign student to avoid unwanted troubles and complexities while studying in Indonesia.

When to Go to Indonesia for Studying?

Many students have a question that what is the ideal time to go abroad for studying. Well, if you are trying for an undergraduate course in Indonesia, you can go there at the second year of your undergraduate course.

However, if your institution is linked with exchange programs, you should consult your course convener or your institution’s student exchange office regarding this issue.

If you are pursuing a Masters or Doctoral program, choose a time when a new semester is about to begin. In Indonesia, academic year is divided into two semesters. So, choose a time that is suitable for you.

Where Foreign Students can Study in Indonesia?

A frequent question asked by foreign students is that where they can receive quality education in Indonesia or which institution will be better for international students.

Well, before answering these questions, students, willing to study in Indonesia, should know about the education system, reputed universities, and available courses offered by educational institutions of the country.加拿大留學 

The higher education system in Indonesia consists of two education systems, academic and professional. Most of the universities provide Masters and Doctoral programs along with diploma program for serving professional training purpose.

So, before selecting universities, inquire about the fees, facilities, and courses offered by them. You can obtain a full list of universities and research institutions located in Indonesia from your country’s Indonesian Embassy. Select an institution that is able to fulfill all of your expectations and demands.

Why to Study Abroad in Indonesia?

The question may arise that why to choose Indonesia instead of other foreign countries that offer no less educational facilities than Indonesia does. Well, the simple answer is that every country has its own uniqueness and what Indonesia can offer is not possible for other countries.

1. Indonesia has a prosperous cultural legacy and varied population that presents the foreign students the opportunity to discover the potential of history, music, art, culture, and literature of this region.

2. Indonesia has some excellent educational institutions that are open to the foreign students. These institutions are equipped with all types of modern logistic supports. For example, University of Indonesia, an old university of the country, is enriched with more than 30,000 local and foreign pupils. The Institut Teknologi Bandung proffers an array of subjects along with courses in Bahasa Indonesian.

3. Indonesia is a exigent as well as worthwhile study abroad region where foreign students can explore huge possibilities.



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