The free weight and the machine training session, both of them are very popular aspect of body building. The question is that which is superior or safer for the body. The topic is very much debatable till now and people who are in body building world know the answer very well.

The free weight has proven to be a much better and safer way of body building rather than machines. The main reason behind this truth is that the free weight training allow the body to work aligned with confrontation in a three-dimension way but the machine works in one-dimension or maximum two-dimension way. The free weight help the body to gain strength form the daily activities as well.

Free weight training is better for health anadrol for sale  in long term as well. These training processes make the body more flexible and thus the joints of the body parts remain good for long. Several problem like joint pain and locking problem in the joints can be reduced enormously by this training process. The joint is the part of the body that helps the entire body to work properly and move properly. It is like the liver of a machine and if this part got hurt or faced any problem then the entire body movement will be stopped.

But then another question arises why the machines come in the field. The answer of this question is, the machines also have some advantage that is why it is in the field and that is the reason of its popularity. The machines make the muscles to put the effort in one or two dimensions, which reduces the creation of the preservative muscles. Thus it helps to build body muscle more effectively. Though the people mostly argue against the machine but the advantages of the machine can not be ignored. The preservative muscles are frequently become fatigue in the free weight training. With the help of the machines these fatigue stabilizer muscle can be put out of the movement and one can put all the stress to the particular muscle he/she wants to build directly. The body will be build up properly this way.

The actual fact is that the free weight training and the machine training both are important to build up body muscle but the machine plays a much less important roll in the process. The free weight training program is much faster than the machine in case of muscle building. This is mostly true for beginners and intermediate weight lifters. The free weight training helps the new comers in the body building world to gain muscle much faster and in much safer way. The danger of machine is that if some body discontinue the training session for any reason then the muscle will be gone soon and the body will gain heavy fat instead of muscle. The machine training mostly doesn’t help to build up the stamina or body structure properly. One instance can prove this fact if thin guys in the gym work hard on a bench press machine with 4 plates per side for a hard set. But they can’t perform 2 plates on a free weight bench press. But if someone is capable enough to do 4 plates free weight bench press per side then he/she can perform 4 plates bench press machine easily.

The best way of getting proper shape is to mix up the free weight training with machine work outs. Thus the body will force to work hard and burn maximum calorie and that will make the body much well-built. But one should remember that the training program only will not assist to get the perfect body, if you want to get a perfect body then consult to a trainer first and follow his/her instruction properly.

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