Get to Know – Olympic Sports Betting

Olympic sports book wagering has become a multi-billion dollar industry, expected to rise ten times over in the run up to the 2012 Olympic Games. In the mega event to be held, tons of money are due to be splurged wagering on each of the 28 games. As was the case in Beijing, betting in Olympic sports involves several games such as archery, baseball and swimming, besides many other athletic and gymnastic events.

Sports Events in Olympics

In all, the 2012 Olympics is expected to host a total of 10 mixed events, other than the 127 events for women and 165 events for men. Popular category for Olympic sports wagering include men’s track and field where the 100 meter category receives more attention. Also, soccer has played a major role in the history of Olympic sport betting, as is expected to be the case in 2012, scheduled to be held in England. 해외축구중계 

Other popular wagers on Olympic sports books include the odds on a particular country expected to win the maximum medals. Germany and Russia have always been slight favorites in previous Olympic Games, with the United States following next. Olympics sports events also allow bettors to bet live as they watch the coverage on national television.

Televised sports Vs Betting

Televised sports events, especially Olympics, are highly popular in betting, as they involve maximum people participation. Though summer Olympics don’t usually have as much appeal as Winter Olympics, soccer and basketball have consistently ranked high on popularity charts, and for tennis, the excitement reaches its peak the moment the final four are short listed.

Amateur bettors can try their luck on events such as handball, volleyball, steeplechase, baseball and tennis. Seek online help to get all the updated information on online gambling odds in the run up to the 2012 Olympics.


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