One of the most important part of your golf swing is your grip and you will have spent many hours over your golfing life trying to get it right but Vclubshop perhaps the most overlooked aspect of equipment in your golf bag is the golf club grip itself.

If you think about it your club’s grip is your only connection to the golf club but most golfers don’t generally give the club grip a second thought.

Golf Club Grip

Your club’s grips play a significant role in golf and are an important part of your equipment. The proper-sized grips on your clubs is one of the most important parts of the equipment in your golf bag and one that you have complete control over.

Older grips with smooth, hard, shiny patches or wear spots will cause the club to slip in your hands and affect the position of the club face at impact. Grips that are worn will slip and force you to tighten your hold on the club resulting in less accurate shot making.

The surface tack on newer grips allows a lighter, easier grip with better control of shots and less hand fatigue build-up during your golf round.

New grips promote better golf shots

Newer grips promote a good golf Vclubshop swing and better release at contact benefiting all levels of player. The proper size of grip reduces the tension in your hands helping you make a better shot.

Experts advise golfers to have their grips replaced at least once a season.

With new grips your golf club should feel good in your hands and you should feel confident and connected to the club head.

The Correct Grip Size

Not only does the age and condition of your grips affect the way you hold the golf club the size of the grips is equally important. The correct grip size is probably the most important part of having a good grip.

If the grip is too small the club could twist in your hands, the result of tightening your grip and squeezing the club at the bottom of the swing. The result is a closed club face at impact.

When the grip is too large the club could come loose at impact, opening the club face, resulting in a slice.

In either case, too small or too large, you’re not going Vclubshop to make a good, solid impact with the ball and never achieve any level of consistency.

How to Check your Grip Size

If you have a proper fitting golf glove you can simply check the size; small, medium or large. Alternatively, you can check with your existing clubs.