Marijuana Side Effects – Gynecomastia in Men

Smoking marijuana can lead to a number of short and long term side effects. One of the serious side effects is gynecomastia, or male breasts, in long term smokers.

Why does Gynecomastia happen?

Chronic marijuana smokers suffer from the decrease of testosterone which is responsible for the development of facial hair, flat chest in men and other masculine features. A decrease in testosterone also implies an increase in estrogen – the ultimate cause.

What should I do when I have it?

1. You have to stop smoking pot and rebalance the hormones in your body You must give it up if you don’t want them to get any worse. You may also see a reduction in size when you quit.

2. Another thing you can do to get rid of this extremely annoying marijuana side effect is working out. You probably did not realize that it’s actually possible to reduce the size of your breasts doing simple exercises. Losing weight will cause you to lose some of the fat around your breast making them appear smaller. You can focus on upper chest workouts, marihuana kaufen online to balance the size of your chest as well.

3. Compression vests and special shirts are available to flatten your chest. There are a number of companies online that specialize in these garments.

4. The last thing I want to talk to you about in this article is getting a simple check up at the doctor. They’ll be able to suggest the best way to deal with this problem for you. You need to make sure it isn’t something more serious, like a tumor, a glandular issue, so something more serious.

I have to say, writing about marijuana side effects is one of the most difficult things for me, because I know how many people are suffering from them. That’s why I certainly hope you take action after reading what I shared with you above. Gynecomastia is not the end of the world and can be treated.

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