Shopping in Colombo – A Veritable Bonanza!

Sri Lanka is an island offering a host of activities for the discerning travellers. Known for its competitive prices from accommodation, dining and shopping, this island nation is a haven for those in search of just about anything. From the sunny coastal belts to the cool climes of the hill capitals, Sri Lanka is known to offer a great diversity in the different experiences you can expect to indulge in. Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, and a great place to kick start your holiday. Culturally diverse and a virtual melting pot waiting to be sampled, Colombo offers a host of things to do. Find colonial buildings standing side by side with the glitz and glam of the modern day constructs when you traverse the city. A rich array of culinary experiences await the tourist in Colombo, whilst the term ‘shop till you drop’ is verifiable!

Shopping in Colombo is a delightful experience, as just about anything the heart desires can be found here, from the everyday wear items to the rare and exotic items. Some of the most popular items to buy in Colombo are; clothes, antiques, handicrafts, jewellery, books, dvds, handloom products, spices and tea. To list a few of the famous shopping arcades that can be found around Colombo – Odel, Crescat Boulevard, Majestic City and Liberty Plaza. Whilst popular clothing stores in Colombo include – Odel, House of Fashion, Mondys, Cotton Collection and Dillys. For those shoppers who love nothing better than going antique and local handicraft shopping will find Gandhara, Paradise Road, Art of Living, Hermitage, Treasure House and Villa Saffron to be ideal.

Gem and Jewellery stores are a dime a dozen in Colombo. Sri Lanka is famous for sapphires, red rubies, cat’s eye, zircons, tourmalines, garnets, topaz and amethysts gems, whilst the designs you will find will vary from traditional to modern. Popular jewellery stores in Colombo include; Alankara, Bullion Exchange, Careems, Colombo Jewellery Stores, Ridhi Design Studios and Sifani.

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