Oriental figurines often give us different insights. This is particularly true when it comes to the ceramic Oriental figurine. However, it is also true of other types of ceramic statues. The Oriental figurine made of ceramic material can show us insights into the life and times of the people they are intended to represent. When it comes to understanding the people of Asia, this seems like a very necessary type of collectible to own. In this way, these figurines can serve as a miniature history text without pages. They give us a little picture of what it was like to live and work in the past. So finding out about a specific time period which the ceramic statue is intended to represent is profoundly interesting…. but it is also educational.

Porcelain is a collective term for a material that many  ceramic oil burner figurines are made of. It comprises nearly all ceramic ware which is both white and translucent. This is true no matter what ingredients are used to make it or to what it is put. For instance, the Chinese tradition recognizes two primary categories of ceramics: high fired and low fired. In addition, Chinese ceramic wares can be classified at either northern or southern depending on their origin. Chinese porcelain is mainly made by a combination of the following materials: kaolin, pottery, stone, feldspar, and quartz. The artistic advantages to working with porcelain and/or ceramics is obvious simply by these facts alone.

When it comes to the manufacture of lady figurines, porcelain is a good material to be used in their construction. It can be painted with careful detail so that the piece gains an almost immediate attractiveness with little effort once finished. Lady figurines, which are usually constructed out of a particular ceramic material, can express interesting facts about periods of time now in the past. As an example the way in which a lady figurine is dressed can tell us much about the life of such a woman living long ago. It can us about her status, her position in her society, and her likely relationships in her family. The primary purpose of these kinds of figurines is to look beautiful and enhance the appearance of your home or office in the most pleasant, friendly way.

The lady figurines which have consistently captured this writer’s attention are the distinctly “Oriental” variety. The lady figurine called “Kimono Dressed Oriental Lady” is made of fine ceramic material. She stands twelve inches tall, and is very attractive with her Japanese colors. Another good figurine is the one called “Oriental Lady Statue Figurine.” Like her predecessor, she is twelve inches tall and made of fine ceramic. However, her style is a little less noticeable. One figurine that is very lovely is called “Beautiful Hand Glazed Geisha Statue.” This figurine is eleven inches tall and is made of fine ceramic. This lady’s colors stand out clearly and catch your eye at once. A less noticeable (though still attractive) piece is the “Asian Antique Style Statue.” She has mostly a white ceramic surface with dark hair atop her round head. The figurine called “Traditional Chinese Lady Hand Crafted Statue” is an exquisite work of art. She is sixteen inches tall and crafted out of fine ceramic. The painting and style of this statue gives you an immediate, distinctive “Chinese” feeling!