Trends of Studying Abroad Among the New Generation

Study in India has gained a huge change due to healthy literacy figures provided by Census of India (2011). According to the latest statistics available, the literacy rate was 74.04 per cent in 2011. This revelation has triggered a new set of mechanisms that would make this country completely literate by 2020 AD.

Most students prefer to study in university of sydney India. However, those who are fashionable, intelligent, hardworking, and willing to achieve better goals in their lives, go abroad. Studying abroad really becomes a fashion today. In the 21st century, it has also become a passion. If a student overcomes the dental troubles associated with studies in western country, he is able to define a lucrative career for himself. Further, many students look for greener pastures for employment or starting successful entrepreneurial skills. In India, the economic, social and bureaucratic norms are fit neither good job opportunity in a reputed organization nor for starting a decent enterprise. Thus, students go abroad for taking up undergraduate or graduate studies but most of them also have a pious ambition in the unfathomable corners of their hearts-setting abroad as an entrepreneur or as an employee in a good company.

Today, there is no dearth of talent in India. However, the objective of going abroad and studying in reputed institute can achieved only through planned efforts. Revenues are required to prepare for such academic adventures and the candidate has to burn the midnight oil. The western countries accept only those students who have consistently good academic records, a will to succeed, and the ability to work very hard. The concept of studying abroad should not only produce a feeling of thrill in the mind of an aspirant, but also it should inoculate a feeling of responsibility in him. The curricula are tough, the assignments are gruelling, and the competition is severe. The aspirant has to prove himself in all the arenas of his institutional life. In India, he may select to skip classes and study during the last few months of the academic session. However, he will not have such “convenient schedules” in a western country.

There is also no dearth of courses for study. The trouble is to choose the right course or career stream. Today, the major courses or career streams offered are management (HR, International Business, Finance, Sales & Marketing, etc.), engineering (all disciplines), dentistry, medicine, medical transcription, tourism, vocational courses and many more.

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